What do we do?

As a result of coaching more than two thousand high school students in JAVA on BlueJ from past 10 years, we have built a step-by-step curriculum because of which students have not only scored a CENTUM in 10th ICSE BOARD EXAM but also have fallen in love with computer programming. 

As a result of using extensive smart teaching techniques with flow-charts, algorithms and solving 100s of problems, the students have developed a strong logical thinking and problem solving ability.

Because of strong foundations these students are inspired to dream big and set larger goals in life, as a result they have joined bigger universities and are able to crack placements with a salary package which is 3 to 5 times of an average engineer. 

So, a small shift in the thought process in young minds can create a huge impact in their lives 6 to 7 years from now. 

We are looking out for high school students those who not only want to score a centum in 10th ICSE BOARD EXAMS but also be inspired to carve their future by getting the right mind set at a very young age.  



BATCH OF 2018-19

1Aryan AnchaliaBishop Cottons Boys School100
2Avinash RajBishop Cotton Boys School100
3Davuluri GeetikaGopalan National School100
4Dheeraj BaijuGreenwood High100
5Harini Attur HariharanRyan International School100
6Harshit Bhavin KothariRyan International School100
7Hithesh SSri Kumaran Public School100
8Kshiti ShettyRyan International School100
9Madhumitha AnnamalaiRyan International School100
10Medhansh KhattarVibgyor High100
11Mihika SinghalRyan International School100
12Mridul GuptaBishop Cotton Boys School100
13Nidhi RathoreSacred Heart Girls High School100
14Niranjan Mayur SBishop Cotton Boys School100
15Nishim GoyalRyan International School100
16Pavan Kumara K SBishop Cotton Boys School100
17Pragya AgarwalRyan International School100
18Pranay Anandbabu OblaRyan International School100
19Pravin MahendranBishop Cotton Boys School100
20Pulak GuptaRyan International School100
21Ruchitha G MRyan International School100
22Shashank SVibgyor High100
23Shiuli HaldarH.A.L Gnanajyoti School100
24Shreya Sindhu TumuluruRyan International School100
25Shreyas Avaneesh AkiliRyan International School100
26Shuborno DasRyan International School100
27Tejas SrivastavaRyan International School100
28Timothy Zachariah BineshRyan International School100
29Trisha PradeepSacred Heart Girls High School100
30Vinay PaiRyan International School100
31Vishal PuneyaniRyan International School100

BATCH OF 2017-18

1 Abhay A Patil Bishop Cottons Boys School 100
2 Aditya Padia Greenwood High 100
3 Aditya Namjoshi Ryan International School 100
4 Advaith Venugopal Greenwood High 100
5 Aishwarya V Baldwin girls High School 100
6 Ananya Sen Ryan International School 100
7 Anoushka Mondal Baldwin Girls High School 100
8 Apoorv Shah Chrysalis High 100
9 Atharva Manoj Dagoankar Ryan International School 100
10 Avantika Raniwala Bishop Cottons Girls School 100
11 Devanshi Agarwal Baldwins Girls School 100
12 Kaustubh Vivek Khedkar Ryan International School 100
13 Kumar Abhimanyu Bishop Cotton Boys School 100
14 Maria Stanly Ryan International School 100
15 Mitali Sameer Prabhudesai Ryan International School 100
16 Mohit Kumar Ryan International School 100
17 Neha S Ryan International School 100
18 Nitish Rathore Bishop Cotton Boys School 100
19 Ojasin Khanna Ryan International School 100
20 Pallavi Pandey Ryan International School 100
21 Preet Piyush Gundecha Ryan International School 100
22 Riya Bhat Ryan International School 100
23 Sai Aryan Reddy N Bishop Cotton Boys School 100
24 Saksham Jain Ryan International School 100
25 Srijan Bandyopadhya Vibgyor High 100
26 T K Sreevatsa Murthy Ryan International School 100
27 Varun Kumar R Ryan International School 100

BATCH OF 2016-17

1 Hitaishi Anurag Desai Ryan International School 100
2 Koti Venkat Sai Lalitha Satvika Ryan International School 100
3 Nishanth Rao Ryan International School 100
4 Avantika Kyran Ryan International School 100
5 Jeetesh Gowder Vibgyor High, Varthur 99
6 Shrishti Das Ryan International School 99
7 Simran Mangesh Sawant Ryan International School 99
8 Susan Mathew K Ryan International School 99
9 Seann Mariam Abraham Ryan International School 99
10 Amogh Prabhunanda Patil Bishop Cottons Boys School 99
11 G Gayathri Ryan International School 98
12 Kolli Likhita Ryan International School 98
13 Rishma Mukhopadhyay Ryan International School 98
14 Shaswata Bhaumik Ryan International School 98
15 Tejas Sheetal Surange Ryan International School 98
16 Sravani Battula Greenwood High International School 98
17 Akshaya Srinivasan Ryan International School 97
18 Jennifer B Abraham Ryan International School 97
19 Souparnika Sathyadas Ryan International School 97
20 Varsha B Varghese New Horizon Public School 97
21 Akansha Swain Ryan International School 97
22 Anokshka Bhattacharjee Sishu Griha English School 96
23 Kushagra Gupta Ryan International School 96
24 Mayank Parida Ryan International School 96
25 Yashraj Praful Barai Ryan International School 96
26 Chesh Lodha Ryan International School 95
27 Himakshi Lalit Bhagwanani Ryan International School 95
28 Monish Kumar N A Ryan International School 95
29 Mohammed Luqmaan Ryan International School 95
30 Shreyas S Ryan International School 95



Google Reviews
  • 5 star review  TechSparx has been a life changing experience for me, I believe that it is the best place to learn programming and the faculty is amazing. I've been a student at TechSparx for about 2 years now and I've noticed that the staff is really hardworking and they give their students a lot of time and attention, that being said their method of teaching is beyond what you can expect... as a student I know for a fact that sticking to our goals is really hard sometimes, but whenever I've interacted with the teachers regarding this, they've been really supportive and also help us build a very positive mindset. Apart from this, TechSparx provides a wonderful platforms for the students to come out and showcase their talent with grand events like Code-A-Thon and Hack-A-Thon, this brings up our competitive spirit and gives us an experience about collaboration and the competition around us... Saravanan Sir has also provided us with TechSparx Digital and I think that's amazing because we can access it at any point in time and clear our doubts. Lastly, I would like to mention the time and effort sir puts into his students is honestly really appreciable and he really inspires us into exploring new topics and always finds a fun way to solve problems! Sir, thank you for being the semi-colon to our statements!

    thumb Vineet Mehta

    5 star review  Many Thanks to Sarvanan Sir and his wonderful team who are doing a wonderful job in helping and creating interest in the kids for the Computer science subject in a very easy / practical way. They work on the concepts well. Sarvanan Sir is himself a very humble person. My child is happy to attend Techsparx classes and is trying to pick up things much faster due to their great way of guiding students in the institute. Thanks again for helping my child.

    thumb Neha Bahadur

    5 star review  Awesome.. Great facility and excellent tech guru saravanan.. I see a huge transformation in my kid due to technical and life skills provided by saravanan sir over last few months.. Icing on the cake was gala codeathon event..highly recommend techsparx for building confidence and enhancing technical skills in the kid.. Thank you saravanan sir

    thumb Rajesh Puneyani
  • 5 star review  Absolutely delighted to have come across & connected up with an institute - par excellence. Our child required support to excel in JAVA, however what she imbibed in her, were a gamut of life essential techniques. She has developed excellent skill sets to approach in each of her other subjects. We could see a round about change in her attitude & confidence. Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Sarvanan Sir & his excellent faculty for shaping the future of students year on year. Regards & best wishes ...always Prasad

    thumb LA Q

    5 star review  Wonderful place to learn computer programming. Faculties are good and helped students to achieve their goals in computer. Hats off to Mr. Saravana who encouraged and supported the students a lot. He is a humble kind and had immense patience to explain all about programming to each and every child. Great work....Good Job !!! Keep continuing this spirit!!! ALL THE BEST!

    thumb Hema Vishnu

    5 star review  Respected sir, Yes this place is the eighth wonder of the world. I am really lucky that I got saravanan sir as a guru for my son for his guidance my son achieved success in class 10th icse exam. He scored 96 in computer n 86 percent aggregate. This is the best place for computer. My respect is there for u sir. He took computer in 11th grade n want to go for AI. I want ur blessings for his future success. With regards Shilpi Subrato Dey

    thumb Shilpi Dey
  • 5 star review  This place is better than the best of places and sir is better than the best of people !!!! He is an inspiration - very committed , very dedicated and also available for us. This is the eighth wonder of the world ♥️

    thumb navita rathore

    5 star review  I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn and have fun while learning to join this class. Even though the class specializes in computers, it offers tutoring for all subjects. This class has helped me a lot and I would like to thanks Sarvanan sir and the entire team for making this a wonderful experience. Sir has made a better human being, a responsible citizen, and a great student. I can never repay to him what he has taught me ❤❤❤

    thumb kaustubh khedkar

    5 star review  Saravanan Sir is a very passionate teacher. He takes personal pride and deep interest in ensuring students learn the subject and also prove it with results. He has helped my daughter come up the curve and also develop a liking towards the subject. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Facebook Reviews
  • 5 star review  My son is in 1st PU, PCMC. He excels in Computers, sucess behind him is only Saravanan Sir. TechSparx Technology Centre creats a spark in every student. Caving out every student wonderfuly. Excellent center

    thumb Shobha Rajan

    5 star review  Saravanan is excellent and very passionate when it comes to coaching students. His approach has been very methodical and helps students to have their concepts right instead of focusing on simply completing the course. This has shown excellent results with the students by not just scoring good marks but also is helping them in taking this knowledge to the next level. Thanks Saravanan on behalf of my daughter who studied at your institute last year and scored excellent marks and she is finding herself comfortable with Computer subject this year.

    thumb Kumaran Mudaliar

    5 star review  Took a course here for 2 months before going to college. The course was intense, however, Mr. Saravanan's guidance and help made even the tougher concepts easier to understand. The course was very well structured and having had no CS background before, I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience. I would definitely recommend this institution for anybody who wants to learn and master computer science! Thanking You, Rahul

    thumb Rahul Misra
  • 5 star review  TeckSparx is best place to learn java basically not only java but it also helped me to inbuit my self confidence too. And they provided us with study material , which is very usefull. We had a code-a-thone which one of great experience coding for 12 hrs, it a helped us in practicing for our boards. It was not only a learning experience but also I enjoyed it a lot. And I would recommend this coaching centre it to every student.

    thumb Riya Basale

    5 star review  I was very lucky to have Mr Saravanan as my teacher. He ensured that I understood the core concepts of programming rather than making me mug them, and was ever smiling and helpful to my endless doubts and questions. His teaching pattern and examples are state of the art, and they helped me go from 33/100 in my 12th preboards to 90/100 in my ISC boards. I had doubts about my coding abilities and believed that computers wasn't meant for me initially. And guess what? I'm now pursuing computer science in University of Reading, UK, as my undergrad degree! 😀 Wishing him and TechSparx all the very best. Your humble student, Kartik.

    thumb Kartik Vashistha

    5 star review  The finest, quickest and easiest method to understand coding is bound to be found at Techsparx. Techsparx takes learning to a whole new level. Anyone coming here is bound to fall in love with coding even if they might hate it at some point. I sincerely thank Sir and the school for helping me out on my coding skills.

    thumb Ayush Gupta
  • 5 star review  My daughter Gauri had joined TechSparx on recommendation from ou neighbour. It was three hours at a streach class every week, butall the students were always coming fresh and charged up afer each class. Mr. Sarvanan is amazing teacher, coach and guide with hus unique style of coaching! Last week he successfully planned "Code-a-thone" event where most of his students along with Gauri, participated from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm non-stop coding. I wish all the best to TechSparx and thank Mr. Sarvanan for providing right direction toy daughter.

    thumb Shashank Moghe

    5 star review  A place where we could enjoy the process of learning. Also, the best part was that he ensured that we had a certain level of refinement while coding. He made me understand that just coding is not enough, the way you present it is also very important. It's the attention to such intricate details which I liked the most. So to sum up, you can rest assure that you will get marks, and learn something worthwhile in the process. The above sentence would have been an oxymoron, if not for him!! 🙂 Thanking you. Sincerely, Prahalad Atreyaa A Batch 2012

    thumb Prahalad Atreyaa

    5 star review  The finest, quickest and easiest method to understand coding is bound to be found at Techsparx. Techsparx takes learning to a whole new level. Anyone coming here is bound to fall in love with coding even if they might hate it at some point. I sincerely thank Sir and the school for helping me out on my coding skills.

    thumb Ayush Gupta


TechSparx's Annual Hackathon exclusively for high school students.

Develop Leadership Qalities

To boost their spirit ,prepare ,and sharpen participant's coding and competitive skills.

To expand the minds of the young-hackers and imbibe team-work skills.

To learn to work in Teams

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